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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Divine Mercy and Human Sympathy

Twenty-one days since Dr. Brendan McGuire, everyone's favorite History Professor, announced he had cancer.  Six days since he started chemotherapy.  Two days since Divine Mercy Sunday.

 According to Aquinas, mercy is "heartfelt sympathy for another's distress, impelling us to succor him if we can" (ST II-II, Q. 30, a. 1, corpus, (

Wait a minute...that's human mercy.  I was thinking of Divine Mercy.  But, anyway, on the topic of human mercy, of sympathy...I can't think about the fact that this wonderful, brilliant professor has cancer, without wanting to cry.  [Thanks to Google, blogs, medical websites, etc., I know what chemotherapy can do to a person, and to think of Dr. McGuire having to go through that.... Dear Lord, give him strength.]  The thought: "Dr. McGuire has cancer," has constantly haunted me for the past three weeks.  Worry for Dr. McGuire nags at my mind, and I whisper "Dear Lord, have mercy on him.  Heal him if it's Your Will.  Give him strength.  Help him get through chemotherapy without too many side effects.  And, Lord, if any of this hurt and anguish in my own heart can ease Dr. McGuire's burden, take it: I offer it to You for him.  Ease his anguish, fill his soul with Your mercy."

Divine Mercy..."God's love reaching down to meet the needs and overcome the miseries of His creatures" (  May that infinite mercy and love reach down to Dr. McGuire and his family during this difficult time.

Dear Lord, show Dr. McGuire Your mercy, let him know that You're there.  Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on Dr. McGuire and his family!

"An Acrostic for Professor Brendan McGuire":
Prayers are lifted by your students,
Rosaries, Novenas, Pleas,
Offering Holy Communions
For the most awesome History Professor:
Engaging, entertaining, enlightening;
Someone who turns History into a
Story, reminding us of its centerpiece:
Our Savior’s Incarnation and our
Redemption through His Cross.

Bringing our prayers for you to our
Redeemer Whose Blood pleads more
Eloquently than that of Abel,
Now during this Holy Week we
Do not fail to
Ask for healing for our
Newly-minted “Doctor” McGuire.

Moved by love,
Confident in the power of prayer,
Giving our requests to Mary,
United in the Mystical Body, we unite our
Intercessions, beseeching our
Redeemer for the healing of our
Excellent and most awesome professor.
(written April 16, 2011)

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