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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nostalgia and the End of Junior Year

Junior Year is over.  I'm a Senior now...assuming I passed "De Verbo Incarnato."

It has been two years, eight months, and 19 days...a grand total of 992 days...since I arrived at Christendom for the first time.

In 367 days...on May 12, 2012, fifteen days before my 23rd birthday...I will graduate from Christendom College with a BA in Theology.

So much has happened.  At least ten students of the Class of 2012 left either between the Fall and the Spring Semesters, or between Freshman and Sophomore years.

Sophomore Year, friendships changed, and I declared a major.  The night before the cumulative English 201 final, I decided not to major in English.  Political Science and Classics were never possibilities; History is interesting, but only certain eras; I like Philosophy, but it does bad things for my grades; so there was only one option left: Theology, the Queen of the Sciences.

Junior Year: my class went off to Rome, so I saw half of them in the Fall, and half of them in the Spring.  It's been strange, but I guess it's better than actually going to Rome and not seeing half of your class for an entire year.

This semester alone has brought up a question that puzzled my friends and me Freshman Year.  Because of various events Freshman Year (injuries, and other strange things that I cannot now remember), we began to wonder if something (or is it someone, although Graham Greene said "The word 'Satan' is so anthropomorphic") might be "out to get" Christendom. And now I'm wondering it again.

Of the three chaplains that were here when we arrived in 2008, two of them came in with our class; one was transferred last Summer, and Fr. William, O.Praem, left suddenly on March 14.  Fr. O'Kielty left two days later.  Barely a month later, everyone's favorite History Professor announced that he had cancer.  I've already posted my thoughts and questions on that last heart-wrenching topic.

And now, Finals are over, without too much sleep deprivation (eleven hours of sleep in forty-eight is pretty good, although I'm surprised I haven't crashed yet: I normally can't survive on 6 hours a night for more than 2 days).  Work tomorrow, do nothing on Friday, maybe go to Graduation Saturday, catch up on some good reading on Sunday, and then the Summer Job begins!

What is Senior Year going to bring?  How's the Thesis going to turn out?  What is going to happen to friendships next year when we all get bogged down with theses, when people start making plans for life after college, when I *force* myself to start planning and thinking about life outside of the Christendom Bubble?  I know things are going to change more radically than they did Sophomore Year...are the friendship-changes going to destroy me?  And what will this year bring for our beloved History Professor?  Dear Lord, hold him close...You know he's going back to the hospital on Friday for six days of more chemotherapy...give him strength.

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