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Monday, July 4, 2011

After a Month-Long Hiatus: What is "Bloggable" and What Is Not?

Well, it has been over a month since I wrote anything on here.  I'm back because, well, I was looking at Mr. Janaro's profile ( because I'm sneaky, and I was bored (the library is pretty dead today...all the senior staff took the day off, and there's not much to do for the 4 student assistants), and looking at blogs he follows led me to more Catholic blogs, which eventually led me to this interesting post:, which kind of describes me and blogging...the whole having a story I felt I needed to tell (except who-in-heck is interested?), and the blogging at times feeling "forced and inauthentic," etc.

I started this blog because several college friends were "blogging," because I thought it might be an interesting way to try my hand at writing, and because I had some things on my mind related to the tormented semester that Spring 2011 was.

I'm still new at this whole "blog" thing; I'm still trying to figure out the fine line between: don't tell the world about this, and don't tell them that, and definitely do not share those random acts of kindness (O dear, all the Wodehouse I've been reading is creeping out now) by a certain Professor with the world, and don't mention that completely private squabble on Facebook, which a dear friend told me.  Anybody know of a crash course in Tact 101 that I could sign up for?  ("For which you could sign up," says my mother's voice and those lovely years of "Easy Grammar," which really helped.)

And I hereby destroy everything I learned in that "Easy Grammer" with the following paragraph of sentence fragments.

So...if anybody ever reads this.  Which I doubt.  Except when I occasionally link this to my Facebook account.  What is bloggable, and what isn't?  Have any of my theological-librarian-ish ramblings made sense?  Am I just wasting your time and mine?  Suggest some topics...don't make them too lofty, or the brain will shut down and freeze, like it did when confronted with Dr. O'Donnell's Ascetical and Mystical class last semester.  (Infused contemplation, and the Illuminative Way, and the Dark Night of the Senses...lofty material, which made me feel like I was hitting my head against a brick wall.)


  1. What a good point! With all the technology we have today, the sharing of any and all information has become prevalent. It's hard to know just when enough is enough. Don't worry though, your posts never bore! If you are looking for more topic ideas, why don't you try applying some of that "lofty material" to real world situations for us and explaining it's importance? As a theology major, that's what you are learning right? To see God in all things and to help others to grow in Christ. God Bless!

  2. To be honest, I've been tempted to start a blog off and on over the past year and haven't because a) it involves work and b) I haven't anything to say. In terms of having things to say, I think you're doing really good so far.

    Most blogs start out rather rambling before they get their feet under them. I can't really think of any specific topics, but I can offer a suggestion: look at blogs that you like and consider what their focus is. You can get a lot of inspiration from what and how other people write about things.

    Someone you might want to check out is John C. Wright. (His blog: He's a science fiction writer, but also a Catholic and very into philosophy and apologetics. He manages to write about all sorts of things, often in a rather rambly fashion.