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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Gratitude List

After reading this short yet beautiful post over at Association of Catholic Women Bloggers, I decided that maybe I did have the brain cells and inspiration to write a blog post.  It's not going to be a well thought-out "intellectual" post on Sheen, nor a meditation; but instead, a simple list of things for which I'm grateful.

Things For Which I am Grateful Today, Thursday, September 27, 2012:
  • Not waking up "on the wrong side of bed" (I did that yesterday and the day before, and it just ruined my day...if I wake up grouchy, I put job-hunting and other things ahead of my prayers, and the day just gets more rotten);
  • The smell, taste, and warm comfort of freshly-brewed coffee (yes, I am a coffee addict, but not for much longer);
  • Morning Prayer, which always strengthens me for another day (this is listed after the cup of coffee to follow a quote from Fulton Sheen's The Priest Is Not His Own: "The average American is physically, biologically, psychologically and neurologically unable to do anything worthwhile before he has a cup of coffee!  And that goes for prayer too."
  • The prayers that other people say for me, especially when I come out of my shell enough to ask for them;
  • My growing recognition of the power of prayer.  The prayer requests that I see on the Facebook Never Give Up Club page, and the Catholic Bloggers Page remind me that, while prayer is the only thing that I can do for these friends and acquaintances, it is a lot; and I'm struggling to realize that their prayers for me do help.
  • The fact that I have a roof over my head;
  • The generosity of my dear friend and rooommate (the one responsible for the fact that I have a roof over my head) in sharing her apartment with me and putting up with, well, me;
  • The fact that, even though I've been jobless for 4 months, I have plenty of food in the pantry, and I'm learning important budgeting skills;
  • The time that I have to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, to read Fulton Sheen, to ask for the grace to grow in trust and in surrender during this challenging jobless period;
  • The inspiration I get from other Catholic blogs, such as Never Give Up;
  • The time my roommate and I spend relaxing and watching "Adam-12" after she gets home from work and before she starts preparing for another day of school;
  • Night Prayer, which always calms me and banishes "the terror of the night," and "the business that walketh about in the dark" (Ps. 90:5, 6) that otherwise would have me freaking out about my jobless state;
  • Last night's peaceful sleep (in spite of the construction work going on right outside);
  • The facts that I'm alive, that by the grace of God I'm a Catholic, that I graduated from Christendom; and that I have many many friends who are always there for me;
  • The fact that I love Fulton Sheen.
God Love y'all!

Yours in all things Theological and in love of Fulton Sheen,
aka "Hurt-ey"

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