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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Ten

The stopwatch is going, and I'm writing.  I haven't done one of these ever before, so here goes.  This is totally off the top of my head; I saw the idea over at Journal of a Nobody, and figured it would be a good thing to try my hand at.

I've never been much for timed exercises...

I'm listening to Matt Maher, the Catholic? songwriter, and his song "Your Grace is Enough."  I'm looking forward to reading Nancy Piccione's thoughts over at Reading Catholic about the relationship between Christian music and a vibrant Catholic life.

I've been reading The Catechism of the Catholic Church, John Janaro's "never Give Up," and, last night, Abp. Dolan's "Priests for the Third Millenium," which a priest-friend donated to Christendom's Library in the summer of 2011 and I promptly bought from the Starving Student Bookstore.  I've been emailing people, catching up with old friends on Facebook, and trying to think of things to write to people who prefer "snail-mail."

Seven more minutes...I can do this.  I have eight blog posts in the drafts form, some continuing my series On Being Catholic; others for the Year of Faith; and still others, more meditative-ideas on Sheen.  This past Saturday, I did a guest post on Ignitum Today.  I enjoy writing, and I think I wouldn't mind doing it for a living, except I would need to learn more about the principles of writing, and...figure out how to get paid and published.  ;)  But for now I enjoy sharing my ramblings on this blog.  Except that sharing my ramblings is hard when some of them require lots of research, and my mind is blank.  Sometimes my mind feels like that "desert" I spoke about in The Year of Faith, I: The Desert of Godlessness: dry, empty, barren.  Not in the sense of my Faith, but in the sense of "writer's block."

Joblessness is an exercise in trust, if nothing else.  They say it's dangerous to ask the Lord to increase a virtue in you, because He'll give you opportunities to practice that virtue.  And yet, at the same time, trust is the only thing I can do in this jobless situation.


  1. I'd love to make a living as a writer too. Maybe one day it'll happen for both of us.

  2. Is this one of those brainstorming exercises? Man, if you caught me in the right mood, my writings would be either VERY interesting, VERY depressing, or very nauseating. When I get going on my journal, I can write quite a lot, and still feel like I've only started. It's relieving, but it's tiring.

    1. Yes, it is one of those "brainstorming exercises," which I normally avoid. I know what you mean about journalling being tiring...I'm over a month behind, because I avoided it all summer.