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Sunday, June 14, 2015

#1000 Gifts

It's a quiet Sunday here in Northern Virginia. And it's time for another "Grateful on  a [Sunday]" post. (I'm too forgetful to do these posts on Monday, or "Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real" on Thursday, or What I Wore Sundays. So y'all are stuck with my sporadic blogging.

In My Cup: English Breakfast tea.

Sitting in: Sitting on the rug on my bedroom floor.

Listening ToVirginia's Positive Hits, 89.9.

The Sun is: shining and hot.

Something Beautiful: My tea mug. My best friend and roommate for 2 years, Sister Veronica Mary of the Wounds of Christ, gave this to me Freshman Year. It was my coffee mug until I graduated and "converted" to black tea. :-) It has a huge crack, proof that it survived being banged into the wall (running down the hallway to a bonfire will do that to you).

What's On My Mind:

Today marks ten years since my uncle, Jerome Vincent Philip Pillus, DVM, died. Normally it doesn't bother me much...but when my (mentally ill) mother feels the need to email me to remind me that today is his anniversary, as if I had forgotten, that really bugs me. I know when Uncle Jerome died; he was my uncle, and I remember every single stinkin' year. He was my only Catholic uncle; the only relative other than my mother who came to my Confirmation; and the only one of my uncles who's actually related to me by blood rather than marriage.

Uncle Jerome, possibly in 2003

What I Am Praying For:
+ the repose of the soul of Uncle Jerome
+ the repose of the soul of Fr. William Erstad, a priest from our parish when we were in CA. He had a car accident about the same time Uncle Jerome died, and died early the following morning, June 15, 2005.
+ so many other friends and intentions

This Week Will Bring:
Work Monday-Wednesday. Then on Thursday, I'm heading to IN for my neice's wedding. She's 21. I'm pretty sure there's a rule somewhere that says you shouldn't get married before your aunt does. ;-) O well.

Grateful For:
#36. The guys at Bull Run Bicycles, who fixed a few small things on my bike yesterday. For months, I've had cloth and duct tape wrapped around the clamp that holds the saddle on, to keep the nuts from wearing holes in my jeans. Danny (I think that was his name) took one look at that mess, said my clamp was on wrong, and adjusted it. Now, not only does the saddle not rock under me while I'm biking, but I don't have to worry about tears in my jeans.

#37. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
#38. The doctrine of the Communion of Saints
#39. Air-conditioning and Gatorade.
#40.  My friend Caroline, who introduced me to the book Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, a fairy-tale for adults, written in the style of C.S. Lewis. After fruitlessly trying to get it from the library last year and then a few weeks ago, I finally got it yesterday. It was such a fun read!
#41. My bicycle
#42. The ability to ride a bike.

That's all for now.
God Love Y'All!

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