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Friday, August 7, 2015

Random Facts and Favorites

This post was inspired by a comment on the survey, under "What Would You Like to Know about Your Author?"

  1. My favorite color is blue.
  2. I was born 3 months premature, weighing 1 lb. 8.5 oz. (see: My Pro-Life Story)
  3. Carrots are my favorite vegetable. I ate so many carrots and sweet potatoes as a baby/toddler that the doctor thought I had jaundice, because I turned orange from all that beta carotene!
  4. I'm a "rocking-horse Catholic." Baptized a Methodist at a year old, raised Baptist, converted to Catholicism when my mother joined the Church when I was almost 8.
  5. Dogs are my favorite animals, although I'm sadly allergic to them.
  6. I'm 4 feet 10.5 inches tall.
  7. I was homeschooled K-12, with the exception of the fall of my 3rd grade year.
  8. I went to college 2500 miles away from home. I had never visited the campus before. I never looked back after that.
  9. My favorite movie is Hitchcock's "I Confess."
  10. My favorite novel used to be The Cardinal, by Henry Morton Robinson. Now it's These High, Green Hills, part of the Mitford Series by Jan Karon.
  11. My favorite hymn is "Panis Angelicus."
  12. My favorite genre of music (although not at Mass!) is Christian/Gospel.
  13. My least favorite church song is "Amazing Grace," which was sung at my grandpa's funeral when I was 10. I've hated the song ever since.
  14. I hate phone calls, unless you're a very good friend. If I have to make a phone call to a business, or for job application purposes...forget it!
  15. My favorite canonized saint (also one of my Confirmation patrons) is St. Therese.
  16. My other Confirmation patrons are St. Maria Goretti and Our Blessed Mother. (I couldn't pick just one, so my Confirmation name is "Maria Therese.")
  17. My favorite Venerable/Blessed is Ven.  Fulton J. Sheen.
  18. I know the alphabet in American Sign Language.
  19. I read the dictionary (not cover-to-cover, just randomly) when I was in high school. That's where I learned ASL (it was an unabridged dictionary, and had a picture of the letters). That's also where I discovered Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop. For some reason, I was looking up "consciousness," and as an example of how to use the word, was this sentence by Cather: ""Empowered by long training, the young priest blotted himself out of his own consciousness and meditated upon the anguish of his Lord." I looked the quote up on Google, checked the book out from the library, and later wrote a book report on that book--all because of my mother's unabridged dictionary.
  20. Don't call me "Em" unless you know that you know me well enough.
  21. I hate platitudes. If I tell you I'm having a rough time, don't tell me "It'll be okay," or "Don't worry about it." The best thing to tell me--and I've only discovered myself this year, as a very dear friend has told me this several times, and it's stopped in my tracks and helped so much--is to remind me: "God loves you, Em." Again, though, you have to know that you know me well enough to say that to me, or else I might get mad.
  22. My temperament is Phlegmatic-Melancholic.
  23. There are only a very few things about which I am very passionate, but cross me on those few things--tell me Fulton Sheen is outdated, or make a short joke, or tell me a platitude when I've just poured out my soul to you--and you will experience the Wrath of Emily, and it won't be pleasant.
  24. I love Brussells Sprouts.
  25. I hate lima beans.
  26. I am terrified of failure.

Well, that was a depressing note on which to end this list. So here's a bonus fact:

   27. I can steer my bicycle with one hand.

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