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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Days 4 - 7: Idle Time

Sorry I've neglected this blog; I'll try to catch up here, with days 4, 5, 6, and 7 of 31daysofwriting, again linking up with Passionate Perseverance and The Corner With a View.

In case y'all haven't guessed, I think the theme of these 31 days is going to be something about priorities, schedules, and how I spend my time.

Sunday (day 4):
Sunday was the Lord's day, a day of rest. I rested...slept in (after getting to bed at 2:30 am post-Homecoming), went to Mass, had brunch, then stalked Facebook for pictures from Homecoming.

There wasn't much about how I spent the time to differentiate it from other days of the week, except that I did pray Evening Prayer that night.

Monday (day 5):
Monday I did a lot of research about job fairs, and tried (fruitlessly) to work on my resume.

Again, the Morning Offering and Morning Prayer helped set the tone for the day. A heartfelt Morning Offering even before I regretfully throw off the covers and stumble into the kitchen to put the kettle on, does more for my day than 5 cups of hot, black tea. Putting God first makes the whole day go better.

I had planned to blog Monday night, but that plan went off the rails when I saw a link on Facebook: "Dr. Brendan McGuire's Cancer Fund." That rattled me. I know Brendan is doing better; he finished chemo in August; he is cancer-free, he is recovering, and he was his normal self when I visited campus 2 weeks ago; but still...seeing "cancer" and "Brendan" in the same sentence shook me.

And being rattled like that was a good opportunity to reflect. Do I pray for him when the emotions surge like that, or do I let the emotions overwhelm me, and do I panic and shake? Monday was a panic rather than pray night.

Tuesday (day 6):
Tuesday went a little better, because I had a goal and a time-limit. I went to a job fair in the afternoon. Thus, the morning was spent frantically working on my resume, figuring out what to wear, trying to figure out what to say, etc.

I was pretty sure the job fair hadn't gone well; I was only there for about half an hour, and any elevator speech that I might've sort of composed in my head, fled when I walked in the door; but I've gotten one call setting up an interview Monday.

I took one of those online quizzes tonight..."How much time have you spent on Facebook during the past year?"

I got 1030 hours. More on this later.

Wednesday (day 7):
Today, I'm realizing that my day goes better when I stop and put God first.

That lesson was brought home in confession tonight. My time is not my own; it is a gift from God; and as Jesus says in Mt 12:36, "every idle word that men shall speak, they shall render an account for it in the day of judgment."

Which brings to mind all of the idle time on my hands. I spend a lot of time on the computer: checking my email accounts (one personal, one for job applications), Facebook, random other things.

So, in the last year, I've spent 1030 hours on Facebook. A little math reveals that that's almost 3 hours a day. It's also 12% of the hours in the year.

A few weeks ago, a priest told me that spending 15 minutes a day in prayer means we're giving 1% of our day to God.

Even if we were to spend 15 minutes in prayer every day for 365 days...that's still only 1% of the year going to God (for purposes of emphasis, we're not counting weekly Mass, Rosary, any other devotional practices; this is only focusing on 15 minutes of mental prayer/conversation with God/meditation/whatever you'd like to call it).

There's a problem here, if I can't even give God 1% of my time, yet I'm giving Facebook 12%. much more time am I giving to other Internet-related things?

Resolution for day 7 of #31daysofwriting:
I'm going to spend less time on Facebook. If I have to block it on my computer (I have an Internet filter that allows me to block whatever website I like), I'll do that, please God.

God Love Y'All!

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