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Monday, October 12, 2015

Please be Generous!

I know I have asked y'all repeatedly this year to pray for my dear friend and professor Brendan McGuire.

Brendan is an amazing history professor; he can make even the dullest eras seem exciting by his passion and enthusiasm for his subject.

Here's a McGuire-ism from when I sat in on his Medieval Germany class 2 years ago (you have to read it with a New York accent):
You can still pray for Henry V's soul. That would be interesting if we died and went to Purgatory: "Dude, you have like a 900-year-head start and you're still here, you moron?!"
A random quote, unrelated to his subject:
How can you hate ("The Christmas Story")? I knew you were a heretic, but... Get off my desk! That movie is absolutely awesome!!
Brendan is also someone whom I am blessed to call my very dear friend. He's listened to me vent, rant, whine, complain, and generally gripe his ear off...and he's put up with all of it. He and his family have kept me in their prayers even this year, while he was fighting cancer. He's a friend whom I know I can ask for prayers...and he'll pray. O, and if it hadn't been for his and his family's encouragement and financial help in 2012, I wouldn't have gotten my driver's license this year.

This past January, Brendan was diagnosed with a recurrence of Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Like the Crusader he is, he soldiered on teaching a full course-load of classes while receiving intensive chemotherapy. He had surgery in May to remove the tumor.

Three days after surgery, he came to Graduation, pale, his arm in a sling, but smiling and walking and celebrating with the graduates.

He finished treatment a few months ago and his latest tests showed he is cancer-free.

Now, however, the medical bills are rolling in. He and his family have not asked for help; but his sisters-in-law set up a fund to help with his medical expenses.

Please be as generous as you are able!

Brendan McGuire's Cancer Fund

God Love Y'All!

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