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Friday, January 29, 2016


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while.

I am putting fingers to keyboard now in an attempt to get so. many. thoughts. out of my head, and maybe spark the Muse in the process....

My friend Brendan has been on my mind a lot lately. A year ago today, I had no clue he was sick or that he had been having tests; one day later, my world was turned upside-down when he asked for prayers. Brendan beat the cancer, but he has to go back for regular check-ups; and I can't imagine the stress that causes him and his family. Please continue to keep them in your prayers!

A friend metaphorically slapped me upside the head with a 2x4 today, when I was venting to her about this, and she said: "Em, two words: Stop it. Brendan is ok, he's not sick any more, stop worrying."

I needed that, because I am definitely prone to reminiscence, to ruminating about things, until they become a huge tangled mess of thoughts in my head and I don't know how to handle it all, and then I freak out.

In other news, a friend's family experienced a horrible tragedy last year, and soon they will have to re-live it. In a court room. I'm struggling with how to be there for my friend; I'm not good with words (I managed to royally stick my foot in my mouth last year); and there's nothing I can "do" other than pray for them. Which, of course, is the most important thing to do for them, but is also something I struggle with.

There's stuff going on with a relative that's making me realize just how UGLY divorce is. How much it hurts the kids. How much it can still hurt the kids, even if that "kid" is almost 27 and it's been almost 20 years.

I'm still coming up empty on the job-hunt. It turns out that my current part-time employer knows someone who knows Someone in the library field; after they all communicated, I contacted Someone and am waiting to hear back. They say "networking" is the way to get a job...hoping this works out.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to stay busy. I'm reading (well, attempting to read) the Silmarillion. I didn't read Lord of the Rings until my Junior Year in college, so this might be a bit soon.

My part-time job is keeping me busy. I've picked up some extra hours here and there. (More money to pay bills...thank You, Lord!)

O, yes, the snow. Snowmageddon, snowzilla, Boris the Blizzard. It was fun. On Saturday, one of my roommates, another friend and I went outside to throw snowballs and make snow angels.

Snow at the apartment where we used to live

Me in the snow. The blurry effect is from the snow and wind.

And it piled up......

Interesting snow formations hanging from our roof.

Well, that's all for now.

God Love Y'All!