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Friday, June 3, 2016

Jobs and Books

I am now in my twenty-eighth year of life, and so far it's off to an interesting start. I applied for a job that I didn't really want--the application was an act of desperation, as in "I need a job that will pay the bills and actually make me financially solvent"--got an interview, got offered the job, and accepted it. That same week, I got two other interview offers. I'm taking the interview offers, even though the jobs are part-time, because I would prefer either of those to the job I accepted.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Last week, when I was at the library, I was trying to find something to read, and I thought of going over to the Reference section. I pulled this book off the shelves and flipped through it: Historical Fiction: A Guide to the Genre

Now, the disappointing thing about flipping through a reference bibliography of historical fiction is...the branch you're at might have very few, and perhaps none, of the books that you read about and say to yourself: "I want to read THAT ONE."

For instance, this book, A Far Better Rest, by Susanne Alleyn. It's Sydney Carton's story from his own point of view. That piqued my interest immediately, because I love Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. When I first began to read it in ninth grade, I thought I would hate it; it's about the French Revolution, people get their heads chopped off...I expected it to be gory and boring. Then I actually read it, and once I got through the "recalled to life" motif and met Sydney Carton...once he made his proclamation of love to Lucy...I fell in love. I choked up at the end of the book Now, this book by Susanne Alleyn does not look as well-written, at least from the preview on Amazon, but it's definitely one I would like to read. (If only the library had a copy....!)

I also discovered the Jewish author Chaim Potok. The title of the first book I checked out made me wince: Old Men at Midnight, but it was a good read, nothing scandalous. I just started The Chosen today, and am enjoying it almost as well.

O, and in exciting news: one of the interviews I have...two weeks from for an "on-call" position as Library Assistant for our local public library system. I don't know how I landed the interview, since the fourteen other applications I turned in were rejected in part because I didn't have enough hours, but I'm not complaining. It's a LIBRARY interviews, guys...that's kinda AWESOME! Please pray the interview goes well!

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